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Denise Davis So very sorry for your loss. September 30, 2009
I have three children two boys and a girl and I just read about what happened to Christopher he was a beautiful child.  I am so sorry!  I pray that those animals get what they deserve for what they did and that Christopher is at peace now. 
Kelly Cain Rest in pieace little angel September 27, 2009
Wow, This story of your little boy has touched me immensley. You wonder how someone could be so sick and cruel to take the life of an innocent yound child. I dont know him but I am touched deeply and will be parying for your family. May he now have everlasting peace and love. Keep the faith and hold on. He will be with you always in heart, mind, spririt and soul. To god be the glory. I will remember you and pray that your family gets the strength and healing you need to get through each day. God bless you.
Rachel M May God take Special Care of him and all of you September 26, 2009
I am 50 years old and in my life have heard many horrible stories of the senseless evil man is capable of---the tragedy you have all been subjected to is unbearable to contemplate. May all of God's grace and care sustain you. My prayers are with you--and your dearest little one who suffered so horribly. Please be well--Love and peace to you and your families. Love, Rachel from CT
Nicole Mckenzie From Elizabeth, NJ RIP Angel September 25, 2009

I have just learned of this story and I have lit a candle for Christopher.  I can't tell you how much this tragedy has moved me and how sorry I feel for your loss.  Through his pictures alone you can see so much happiness was there in his little eye.  How not 1 but 3 people could be so heartless is boyond words.  I pray that you find peace through this ordeal and that justice is served. He is with GOD now and he will forever live in the kingdom of heaven looking over his family that loved him so. 


 May GOD bless you little Angel.

Sandra Cooper Poem written for Christopher. September 14, 2009

Little boy with those heavenly eyes
Play in the clouds up in the sky.
You've touched so many who cry over you
And left us too early with our hearts broke in two.
I pray every night for the family you loved
And send hugs and kisses to you up above.
For sweet little angel I can't sleep at night.
I toss and I turn as I turn on the light.
I think of the hurt that you must have known
At the hands of those monsters so scared and alone.
Now at God's side you play once again
With many new angels that are now your friends.
Rest in peace sweet Christopher and know that we cared,
Safe in the arms of our God now and no longer scared.

On March the 8th of 2007
A beautiful angel was welcomed in Heaven.
A child so special that God called him home
To sit at his side on his almighty throne.
We don't understand it and ask dear Lord why
Such a beautiful boy so young had to die.
Six years old and just starting to live
taken too early with so much love to give.
Sweet little angel; I will never forget you.
When I kiss my babies, it's a kiss for you too.
With Heaven as your playground, again I see your smile.
Play hard beautiful Christopher, you are a very loved child .
Till the day we meet in Heaven.

Suzie My thoughts are with you September 10, 2009

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for the tragic loss of your son. I can not express my saddness in words. I came across the story today and will say a prayer for your entire family.

Kimberly M. Not long now, little man September 2, 2009

I have followed Christopher's story since the day he went missing.  I have a little boy of my own, about to turn 7, and I pray to God daily that he always comes home safe to me.  Christopher has been a constant in my life, as I read every scrap of info I can find, and wait impatiently for updates on the progress of the trials that are finally about to begin.  I cry until my eyes throb every time I visit him on my computer screen, as I was never fortunate enough to meet this beautiful, amazing child, and all I know of him is what his images and stories share with us via the internet.   Yet somehow, I love him dearly.  I grieve him as if he were a part of my life that I've lost.  Somehow, I find myself missing a little boy that I've never met.  Christopher is in my heart, as he is with so many who knew him, and so many more that only know him through his story.   I hold my own son a little closer,  watch over him more carefully, and if possible, love him even more, for knowing Christopher's story.   Looking into Christopher's innocent little face, and realizing how fast you can lose the most precious thing in your world has made me a more conscientious, patient mom.  I thank God that my little guy is here to make messes and leave fingerprints and stains.  He's here.  I am blessed beyond belief.


I am pleased that the first trial is finally about to begin.  It has been long enough.  I hope that justice will be served, and Christopher's family will be able to have some sort of closure.  I hope they know that Christopher matters to so many who are following his story, and that hugs are being sent daily to heaven. 

Amber S.. So Very Sorry August 30, 2009

I just learned of this through another unfortunate story today and would like you and your family to know I am soooo deeply sadddened and touched by your loss.  I feel the pain literally in my heart as I have children of my own and cannot imagine what you are going through but please know that we are praying for you and wishing you peace.  So very sorry -

Pamela Never forgotten. August 8, 2009
It's been two years since I first heard this story and I prayed that justice would prevail. I prayed and I'm saddened to discover the wheels of justice grind so slowly. I have a son who was born the same year as Christopher and I am very familiar with little boy dreams and little boy toys and games. I never knew your son but I have come to love the spirit of a boy whose face I will never forget. I will always keep his family in my prayers because I believe God will deliver the justice we all long for, both in this  life and the next. Lord, hear all these voices crying out for Christopher. Let our voices ring out until victory for his family is won. We patiently and prayerfully await your judgement Lord and when that day of victory is come for his family,  there will be a celebration throughout this community of supporters and we will praise your name. I pray Christopher's family finds strength to continue on in this fight, in Jesus name, amen.
siobhan so sorry July 29, 2009

So sorry to hear that this beautiful young boy is no longer with you, I am a mother of a young boy myself and I cant bear to think of anyone hurting him, I am so sorry that your family and Christopher have had to suffer this way, I am praying for Christopher and his family and that they may find some sort of peace if that is possible, God love you and be with you all.




Cerena Sweet Baby July 26, 2009

Please don't dwell on the tragic way he was taken, but find comfort that he is safe and happy looking over you now.  What a beautiful little boy, and how blessed where you to have him in your life.  May the Lord continue to cradle you in His arm as you continue your life without your precious Christopher, And know that he is with our Heavnly Father playing,laughing, and rejoicing. 

Nick He is looking down smiling July 23, 2009
If I could take your pain I would...  no words can explain your loss.  God Bless
Gabriela Lyons Haunted by this story June 29, 2009
I have never forgotten the horrible circumstances under which little Christopher was taken from you. I still think about it to this day. I hope those horrible people pay for the rest of their days for what they did to such a sweet little  boy!  My deepest condolences to your family.
Christine another mom June 24, 2009

My heart goes out to you. And yes there are no words to describe the pain. My tears flow again but for you. I am so sorry for your loss and broken heart. Let us pray together for God will reach deep down and mend us all. And our tears will turn to sweet memories.


I never knew your sweet baby and you did not know mine. And even with my daughter just recently gone, the thought of your grief tears at my heart. God bless you and love you.


With my love.

Linda Brown Heaven's Angel May 16, 2009
My heart broke into pieces when I heard that this little angel child was found dead as I so hoped that would not be the case and to find out how he died made it all the worse. He was such a precious child and I surely wish I had known him but thanks to all the good people in this world, his memory will be kept alive forever and I hope his family can gain some comfort from that and to know that they are not alone with their grief. I will mourn this child till the day the Lord takes me. God Bless you Christopher.
Erica Never Forgotten May 6, 2009
I just came across Christopher's story today. My heart goes out to your entire family. I am in tears right now. This beautiful little boy's life should not have been cut short. I watched the video of him on the swings and that's what got me crying...he seemed like such a fun and happy little boy. I wish that I could wrap him in my arms and give him a big hug. At least Christopher is very happy up in heaven. He is playing with all the other little angels and never has to worry again. So many people love and care for Christopher that never even met him. What a sad story; I am so sorry for your loss. Angel Christopher and family will always be in my prayers.

xX R.I.P. Angel Christopher Barrios Xx
Jannie Angels April 27, 2009
Im sorry that you have lived your life these few years without your baby boy. I too lost my baby boy in September 2007. Its forever hard and I pray for your heart to have just once ounce of peace. Yes, I know that this is hard, believe me. Our boys should have been let to be boys and grow up with us and allow us to watch over them, but for now, they shall watch over us until our time comes to meet them again.  Again, I am so sorry for your lose
Marcela In Memory forever April 18, 2009

I will never forget the day Christopher went missing, I was at work and a coworker called me into the break room and said I had to come see this little boy he looks just like my son!  I took one look at his beautiful face and I started crying because it hit me like a ton of bricks!   I have not forgotten you baby. He is loved and my son who is the same age wrote a small prayer for Christopher and his family everynight. No one can ever say that it gets easier but just know that God made angles and placed them on this earth to serve purpose. All of these people that have written condolences to your site we are your angels! GOD BLESS YOU. You are and will remain in our prayers.



Marcela and Joaquin Martinez!

Don Logan God Bless Christopher April 14, 2009
At 42 years old, I thought I heard it all. The tragic death of this beautiful boy has hurt me deeply and I pray to God that he is at peace.
Sheila A Child Of God April 10, 2009
there are not too many days that go by that I don't think about Christopher my name is Sheila and I live in Sac I am so sorry for your loss. I keep him in my heart, because this baby could have been my baby, or anyones, and it just doesn't make sense. So even though I don't know Christopher, I still care as if I did know him. God Bless
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