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Shawn God Is Holding him June 14, 2010
Oh Sweetie, I will be glad to meet you in Heaven. You are safe in his arms now baby, I love you. Your sister in Christ.
Carol Swain Dear Christopher June 3, 2010

Although I never met you , your story has touched my heart. I hope as you walk with the Lord up in heaven he teaches you everything you ever wanted to know. I hope he lets you peek in on your mommy & daddy and those that you love . I hope he sends comfort to them when they are in need  and little reminders that you are safe now in his arms.May Jesus give you a hug that shows you just how much you are truly loved and an angels kiss from me .May those hugs be many to help you  til you meet with your loved ones in our heavenly sky!Til then Sweet angel spread your wings and fly!



May God watch over your family and help aid in thier walk to find peace in such a tragedy!


mom 2 Waylon Kitchens on your angelversary March 8, 2010



                thinkin of you and your family!! keeping you in close thought and prayer!

Jason In Memory of and Angel February 14, 2010

Dearest Mike and Paula.  I can't imagine how badly you two must be hurting.  The pain you have to deal with each and everyday I'm sure is just the same as it was the first day. Words can not even begin to express the sadness I feel for your little boy.  It's very hard to believe that we have such evil around us all each and every day, ones that would harm such innocent children.  By looking in the eye of all the pictures of Christopher, you can tell he was a very happy and well loved child.  Always, always remember how much he loved you and that he's watching over you from a much better place and continues to give you strength to cope with his loss.  Remember, God never gives you more than you can handle.  God Bless You and stay strong.



Merry Schultz My Condolences February 1, 2010
I am a complete stranger, writing from Pennsylvania. I teach business law at a college here and for an assignment, students have to find an article with a law suit and write about it based on what we learned in class, and they have to attach the article, well one that was turned in was an October 2009 article from the FLorida Times Union regarding the SOAPnet issue, and as I read the article about what happened to your family, I felt the need to search more about you and found this website and just wanted to pass along my condolences.  I have a young daughter at home and it is only after you are a parent that you realize prior to having kids you really had nothing to lose, after having them, you have everything to lose and the thought of the weight of that loss is overwhelming, even when you read about it happening to someone you don't even know.  So I just wanted to send a note along that your little guy is cared for and thought about by people who don't even know your family and never met him or you.  Your family is in my thoughts and prayers and I will think of and pray for your little angel.  My deepest sympathy. 
jennifer so sorry January 13, 2010
i am so sorry for your loss, i pray that thru all your pain your faith stays strong...every parent cries a tears for you and every parent hugs their child tighter because of you and evry parent blows a kiss to heaven for your baby boy....:(

Kathy Thomas Mrs. Mother, Grandmother December 17, 2009

Dear Parents and Family of Christopher Barrios,   It is almost Christmas of 2009 and I want to say that I know you still grieve.  They say time heals all wounds, but not this kind.    They also say that when we go home to be with the Lord, the Angels come to take us, BUT when it's a little child's turn to go home, Jesus Himself comes to take them home.  Christopher was immediately scooped up in His Loving arms and carried Christopher to be with Him forever, where there is no more pain, no more sorrow, and all of His tears have been wiped from his eyes.    He is waiting patiently for you to come home, and is in a perfect, happy, joyful atmosphere where no evil can touch him again.   In Christ's perfection, you will be together again, just 3:know that, I know you do, but it helps take the sting out it.   In Eph. 3:17, Kathy Thomas.    I too, look forward to meeting him!

^j^Garrett Harris' Family Holiday Wishes December 15, 2009
^J^Garrett Harris' Family Merry Heavenly Christmas December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas Christopher, God Bless you sweetie.

Aishe Jackson I still cry November 23, 2009

To the family...I am brought to tears everytime I think of Christopher. My twin boys were the same age when this happened and all I could do was ask God why? I pray that God continues to strengthen your hearts as I know you miss him dearly. If wish there was something I could do to help make this situation easier for you.  Thank you for setting up this website. It gave me a chance to get to know Christopher a little better and to let you know that he's in my heart and I still cry when I think of what has happened to him. Such a beautiful precious child with a beatiful smile. A true Angel. I look forward to meeting him in heaven one day.  May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen your entire family and friends. 


 I wish we could do as they did in biblical days and stone those people to death.

Ke'arra -Atlanta :-( November 19, 2009
I just want to say that I am very sorry for what has happened you Christopher. When I first heard about what had happened all I could do was think about him. It hurts me so much to know that such a horrible thing like this has happened to him. I cant say that things will get better because you all lost somebody who meant more than the world to you all.. Im very sorry for what has happened.

                                    R.I.P Christopher. -You will never be forgotten.!

                                                             Love always
Edy Daniels Angel October 28, 2009
Today is Oct 28, 2009. I went to a church outing here in Albany Ga, called Candyfest @ Sherwood Baptist church. There were children there with their Halloween costumes on. I saw Batman and thought of you. I saw Spiderman and thought of you. This is the time you would be among us at a gathering in your costume. But you have the best costume you could ever have. YOU are my Angel. I know you are your families Angel but know you are mine as well. I know you look down to us everyday and see the tears and love that everyone has for you. Even those who like myself never got the chance to know you. I know its late to say this but if i had known you, you would have been like my own. I would cherish and love you as you were my child. I love you and your family thru GOD himself. Still praying and loving you always and forever. I will never forget you and your smile. I will do my best to make you proud and assist your family and friends with whatever it takes to make the time you were here worth every second and even the time you were taken from us. Justice will be your my Angel.
Miss Lisa in CA God Bless Christopher October 26, 2009

There are no words.... (not even those spoken by the judge who gave one of the sick b*st*rds the death penalty).... That shall console your hearts.

Nothing replaces Christopher. My heart goes out to everybody who loved Christopher. Thank you to those who helped this family when in need. May God bless you all.

Now you will be reminded two more times when the parents are convicted (wishful thinking).... when the system should not even give sick b*st*rds as such a fair trial. They are not deserving of one!

God bless Christopher and his loved ones.


Jeannie Sweet Boy October 22, 2009

I came acrross this tragic story just today and I am just heartbroken!!  I can not believe a human being can do such horriable things to a child let alone their own.  I'm so sorry and my heart goes out to you.  Christopher sure was a hansome boy.  God Bless You!!!

Julio Cuesta Poem written by Sandra Cooper for Ms Sue Rodriguez October 17, 2009


Grandma don't cry

I'm not far away

I live in you heart

Forever to stay

I know that you love me

And miss me so

But God had a plan

And I had to go

So Grandma please

Try not to be sad

Take care of my brothers

Watch after my Dad

I'm happy here

In Heaven above

With my Papa Louis

He sends you his love

It beautiful Grandma

I wish you could see

All of the love

That's given to me

All of the hugs

And kisses I get

But Grandma your kisses

I will never forget

Tell Jessie I love her

And I miss her to

To try to be happy

And to watch over you

Trust In the Lord

He will stay by your side

Grandma I love you

Grandma don't cry.



KC Williams Another angel has his wings October 13, 2009
I just happened upon this story about Christopher and the more I read the more I cried.  I can't say I'm sorry enough for the lost of your family.  I will share this angel's story so that he will never be forgotten.

My prayer is that he and my nephew (Suave) are in heaven playing baseball in the clouds.
Julio Cuesta October 12, 2009

Poem written by Sandra Cooper for Christopher.



I Cry

I cry for a little boy
That I never knew
I cry for a family
Broken in two
I cry for a Daddy
Who lost his dear Son
And must carry this burden
Till his life is done
I cry for a Grandma
Who will never again know
What it feels like to hold her little boy close
But I know in my heart
That Christopher's near
That he see his Daddy's
And his Grandma's tears
That he holds them close
When they sleep at night
And tells them he loves
And all is alright
That he's happy now
In Gods loving light
And his Grandpa Luis
Is always in sight
That he plays with the Angels
In the clouds up above
There's no sadness or pain
Only pure love
So when you feel the sorrow
In life is to much
Look up at the sky
And you'll feel his touch
That beautiful smile
You will see once more
When Christopher's waiting
At Heaven's door.

Tobi Sweet Justice October 7, 2009

Christopher, The story of your brief and beautiful life has touched my soul.  I pray that you are enjoying a blissful afterlife and that you are shining down on your parents and little bro.  I read today that justice is being served on the first of your three murderers, and I am glad.  RIP angel boy.  RIP.

ms debi One who cares... October 7, 2009


I am in tears right now, uncontrollably.  I waited with baited breath when this child went missing, worried while we searched, and mourned when his lil broken body was found...

Today I am overjoyed!! Just read that that monster David Edenfield was convicted and SENTENCED TO DEATH for this heinous crime.  I kno the family must be elated.

1 down, 2 to go!

Thank God.

My prayer are continually with you all.
God Bless*


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